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Stacey Poole Invites You to her Tanning Session of the Day

Stacey Poole isn’t anyone important, she’s just UK Glamour model who shows her tits for notoriety, because I don’t even think she gets paid for this shit, she just likes the fan base and the followers on social media, it validates her useless, tit showing self…because when you have big fucking tits, you can either hide them and get an office job, or waitressing job or use them to distract from your shitty face and hope they brainwash a rich guy into marrying you….or maybe even to give you a platform to land a reality show..dreams baby..we all got em…even if most people have really stupid ones…any excuse to show off tits getting skin cancer in efforts to make her average yet willing to get naked body…more appealing…silly….but I’m still watching…as she shows everything but her cunt cuz cunt makes her pornographic while this makes her Glamous…such bullshit….but the good news is I love when girls send me pics like this, I just prefer when I’m the only one seeing them.

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  • mystery

    Send me naked pictures of you sexy girls as fast as ur betbutful body will let you

  • Paul Taylor

    Hey give her a break you dont know her she was born gorgeous she didnt have too share that will the world stop being a women hater