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Elsa Hosk Erotica of the Day

Elsa Hosk Slutty Red Bikini Thong
Elsa Hosk Slutty Red Bikini Ass

The Victoria’s Secret girls get paid bonuses, or part of their contract is based on their social media accounts…so they all have to turn to their instagram and whore the fuck down…using the basic tactics that all girls use to get follows…from Sally at the Starbucks who posts her bikini pics…to the top tier celebrities you know and hate…but appreciate their tits…it’s all a bunch of self involved assholes being slutty as fuck and I guess for people like us…we’re just on the receiving end…absorbed in this…getting sucked in by it…having it shoved down our damn throats over and over and over…eventually making some dudes crack and become sex offenders and others crack and become INCELs…who hate themselves cuz they can’t fuck girls like Elsa Hosk despite all the masturbation material she feeds them in her whoring.

I can’t imagine this being good for society…but it’s good to remind yourself that girls in bikinis are hot…whether paid for by mall brands or not..

The nice thing about Elsa Hosk other than the whoring is that she’s hot.

Elsa Hosk Underboob in White Crop Top 4


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People are Mad I Didn’t Post the Emmanuelle Chriqui Tits of the Day


People actually sent me emails mad that I didn’t post these Emmanuelle Chriqui pictures from yesterday….

I was busy…probably napping, possibly sexting, maybe even on tinder dates midday when pretending to be at a doctor’s appointment to not upset the fat wife…but I wasn’t sitting waiting to see how big Emmanuelle Chriqui and her Sephardic Jewish tits, that along with loving arab foods, are also large, like most Jewish tits I’ve met, because for some reason, Jews have big tits…I don’t know what that’s the case…but assume that’s why they call themselves “the chosen ones”…and have that ego from being “the chosen ones” that doesn’t allow for anyone not Jewish in their circle…they even have a circle themed dance to visually explain that at every wedding…a dance the non jews at the wedding can participate in…but they know you don’t belong…

She’s from Canada, she’s got big tits, people like her as she pushes 40 and I like her outfit enough to stare at her tits in it, because if you’ve got any level of sex appeal in your old age, you might as well exploit it so people don’t forget…and replace you with other chosen ones…especially when your face looks like a holocaust or holocaust survival story…


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Nina Agdal’s Riding an Inflatable of the Day


Nina Agdal is some drunk Florida based hooker, who pretends she’s a bikini model, but is more of a party girl who fucks with rich dudes…and apparently inflatables, in what some of you may really find hot, possibly because of her tight bikini body and retard face, because you know when you find a retard with a good body, the chances of fucking her are higher than a girl who doesn’t have downs…or maybe because you’re one of those weirdos who likes rubbing against that inflated plastic…shaped like an marine mammal.. so hot…except for the Nina Agdal retard head…ruining everything because she ruins everything…

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Stacey Poole Invites You to her Tanning Session of the Day

Stacey Poole isn’t anyone important, she’s just UK Glamour model who shows her tits for notoriety, because I don’t even think she gets paid for this shit, she just likes the fan base and the followers on social media, it validates her useless, tit showing self…because when you have big fucking tits, you can either hide them and get an office job, or waitressing job or use them to distract from your shitty face and hope they brainwash a rich guy into marrying you….or maybe even to give you a platform to land a reality show..dreams baby..we all got em…even if most people have really stupid ones…any excuse to show off tits getting skin cancer in efforts to make her average yet willing to get naked body…more appealing…silly….but I’m still watching…as she shows everything but her cunt cuz cunt makes her pornographic while this makes her Glamous…such bullshit….but the good news is I love when girls send me pics like this, I just prefer when I’m the only one seeing them.

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