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Drunk Russian of the Day

There’s something magical about Russia.

It’s not their policy on the Gays, because I like lesbians even though they don’t like me, and more importantly, I don’t care who or what a motherfucker sticks his dick inside….

It is the fact that they have some hot born in communist women you would assume were built in a war camp basement lab somewhere outside Chernobyl after the nuclear meltdown, up on some super hero shit that for some reason led to a surplus of hot women, leaving some exported as wives, others as escorts and cam girls, and other as top models…all without souls because communism steals souls….not that they are communist anymore, but you get what I am saying…and that is that the people of Russia are fucking wild and do crazy shit always involving vodka…so much fucking vodka like this guy who decided to stick his head through a window and not really be able to pull out…funny right.

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