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Miley Cyrus Nipple Slip at some Photoshoot of the Day

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Today…an outtake of Miley Cyrus in a YOU Magazine photoshoot where she’s doing the typical Miley Cyrus hustle…in jacked up underwear posing like an edgy little hipster…featuring her nipple hit the internet…and no one cared…

Reminding us all that we are desensitized fucks, if this was 10 years ago, and this was Britney or Lohan or one of the other cunts who was famous back then, the world would fucking top in its tracks…but the only thing that would make us notice Miley is if she released an actual Masturbation video, not one of her simulating masturbation for a music video cuz it was high impact for the price…

Either way, I’m a fan of her, even if everything about her is a bullshit lie…even her nipple slips. Staged a few years too fucking late to be scandalous…but still her nipples…we’ve all seen before…and didn’t care about before…and won’t care about now, but at least we can look at them if we are bored. MORE HERE

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  • debrue

    only you, miley, can make nip slips not sexy. congrats.

  • ryan

    she looks like a colossal retard when she sticks her tongue out and a dude when she doesn’t.

  • juanhunglow

    we have seen all of her already. enough is enough. my only hope is that the over saturates herself or overdoses. and put you stupid fucking tongue back in your ugly head.

  • serena

    She always looks so damned high to me, like she’s on a non-stop Ecstasy cruise.

  • Rosarch

    She just looks awful and desperate.

  • bosco

    she’s getting uglier every day that goes by. time to bring on the next train wreck.

  • roscoe

    Still hot. Except for the high waisted jean shorts, no one can make those look good.

  • vlogerazzi

    In that first pic she looks like Tea Leoni with an eating disorder.

  • Rosarch

    Holy fucking insult to Tea Leoni, only Miley’s best day and Tea’s worst, Miley could never even come close to the hotness that is Tea. Tea is NBA and Miley is middle school basketball.

  • carla


  • thatmosis

    More and more this person looks like a retard or someone born on top of the ugly tree who accidently fell out and hit her face on every branch on the way down. So sick and tired of her it hurts.

  • Ike Temmio

    I just need around 17 women everyday to get to me and they should just bend over and me tap their beautiful booties!