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Jennifer Lawrence does W Magazine of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence generally doesn’t interest me…I don’t find her hot, I don’t like her body, I don’t care that she’s an Oscar winner, because I feel the Oscars, if not staged or owned by the major studios are definitely not really legit, unbiased, or manipulated by how charismatic or friendly the actress is outside of her movie roles.

You know being the cute, funny, not really worrying about looking weird and awkward girl Jennifer Lawrence seems to be….

But these pics for W magazine…are kinda hot…in a Roman Polanski – my wife just got killed, I am polish, you are 14, drink this wine and take these pills and get in the tub kinda way….

She looks good, not that I am impressed in any way, I don’t get impressed, I just don’t mind looking at these…probably cuz they look like they were shot on film and not an instagram filter…

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  • cowbulls

    Those legs and thighs look like they could squeeze out a few happy endings.