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Beth Behrs Half Naked for Esquire of the Day

I think the show 2 Broke Girls should be called 2 Broken Down Girls.

I think the craft services on the show should be fired or maybe even replaced with someone who brings KALE

If you don’t believe me here’s KAT DENNINGS AT SOME EVENT LOOKING 400 LBS

It’s not my fault for hating on fat chicks, I fuck fat chicks in my everyday life, I just expect more from people on TV making millions, is perfection from them too much to ask dammit…

Here is Beth Behrs grabbing Kat Dennings Boob on Conan

Here is Beth Behrs half naked and photoshopped for Esquire…Pretty garbage…especially knowing these are photoshopped…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    IDK why, but i would fill every hole on her body with semen till it was dripping…

  • emma

    ur a fag

  • You are full of shit! They are both very hot and u r weird, or gay or both.