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Kate Upton for W Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton is fat…

I used to get hate mail for writing that, but for some reason I call being irrelevant, the hate mail stopped, but that couldn’t be possible, I run the premiere site on the internet, then I realized that it only stopped because people were being won over and started believing and agreeing with me that she was overrated, had a weird body, was just a sack of sloppy tits with a flat stomach, who was going to end up forgotten and obese…they understood she was just a pawn used to promote Sports Illustrated and make them money selling their magazines to the white trash they sell magazines to…it was always just a scam riding off her viral success…but for some reason the Fashion industry picked her up and here she is for W…

I assume…it has everything to do with them trying to pretend they don’t only use skinny bitches…

Either way here are the pics…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Kate Upton FAT for W Magazine of the Day

    there fixed it for you

  • trinity

    she is beautiful. you are a toad.

  • Phillip McCracken

    Fat Girls, under 20, with huge sloppy tits are the complete opposite of “beautiful” if shes fat and sloppy now at like 19, shes gonna look like the mother on Honey Boo Boo by the time shes 25…. im all for a little meat on a woman, too thin is JUST as sickening and disgusting, but, like 65% body fat, which upTON has, is unacceptable…. to me at least.

  • Dutch

    If you seriously think the buxom young lady has anything close to 65% body fat you are an idiot. If you were using hyperbole you are an incompetent writer. Either way you suck, get a grip and find meaning outside tearing down girls who would never notice you on the street. It’s all an act for all of you, face it.

  • b diddy

    Kate is the hottest girl on earth…….period.

    I prefer my women look like women, not 12 year old boys, thank you.