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Kaley Cuoco Uses Twitter to Make the Golden Globes Classy of the Day

Attention seeker – Kaley Cuoco, the same person who allegedly killed John Ritter on set of 8 Simple Rules, before being the average looking girl, marketed as the hot girl on a show I will never understand the success of…but that is insanely successful…and people are locked in and addicted to the shit…has gone and done a hand bra in her fancy dress because she’s a trashy bitch and now that she’s staged a few engagements and actually got married, she’s got limited options to shock and awe…who gives a fuck…just look at the pic.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Both liberal, obama ball gargling cunts.

    Wouldn’t fuck them with your beaner dick.

  • Melo

    Wow, author is the most hating, unfriendly hipster douche I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. I am embarrassed for reading this garbage.

  • Derk

    Melo says it like it is

  • Rosarch

    Kaley is psycho, untalented, unfunny and average. She must give great bjs because I have no fucking idea how she got so far in Hollywood. Melissa Rauch is way hotter and way funnier and smarter than Kaley.

    HLW above needs serious fucking mental help.

  • cowbulls

    Kaley is either the luckiest woman in the world or the best sex toy in history. She does look pretty good in a bikini so why not?

  • Mac

    Why did you say “who gives a fuck” when you took the time to write an “article” about it. Not only did you say “who gives a fuck” but you immediately say “just look at the pic” afterwards, contradicting the previous statement completely. Not to mention the entire thing is written in one sentence broken up by ellipsis’.

  • Peery Dick

    The writer of this post is a dickhead.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i used to dig her, but now i feel like shes nothing but a narcissistic, ego centrical cunt. Her and Sheldon and Sara Gilberts Boyfriend whatever their names are can take their fucking greedy asses off my TV ASAP. fuck them and their million dollar an episode demands. i 100% agree with the dude above who said Melissa Rauch is way more talented and WAY better looking. and a huge bargin at like 50K an episode.

  • joblo

    So which one is Kaley? Like I should know who these ppl (sic) are?

  • Blake

    OMG, a TV show that I have nothing to do with or contribute toward is totally ruining my life. I can’t believe this girl, whom I’ve never met or have any affiliation with, took a selfie groping herself in such slutty fashion. I’m going to rant and rave about my dislike for someone on the internets because everyone deserves to know my opinion. I’m going to tell everyone how dumb, and ugly, and untalented she is because I know talent and what it takes to get shit done in Hollywood; and she isn’t doing it.
    That’s what you guys sound like, it’s ridiculous. Big Bang Theory is hilarious, everyone on the show is funny as Hell, and Kaley is damn hot.

  • Chis

    Bitter much?

  • Phillip McCracken

    how do you know we have never met her, or, we don’t work on Big Bang? Because if i was a hollywood writer, or, an actor, or a producer, or whatever, and i wanted to share my REAL opinions about people, im sure i would do it with my REAL NAME :rolleyes: in case you dont know, let me clue you in, Hollywood, and the people IN hollywood are F A K E. the backstabbing that goes on, and the shit talking about how people REALLY feel about each other is N E V E R said in public. Some of us who post with fake names don’t want to lose high paying jobs because we can’t share what we REALLY think about someone like Kaley and how she REALLY is…. am i one of those people? well, thats for you to decide…..

  • blake

    @ Phillip McCracken,
    Well its nice to finally meet someone who isn’t vague on internet blog comments thread. Someone who really lays it all out there and wouldn’t lie about anything to make himself feel better, or try to impress the nameless, faceless mass that is the internet. No, Phillip, you ARE exactly what the internet needs. We need people like to point out all the discrepancies in peoples lives. Highlight all their flaws and drone on and on about how people should take your word for because I work in the biz…or do you…that’s for us to decide. douche.

  • Phillip McCracken

    @Blake, its fine if you want to ignore possible inside information about how Kaley REALLY is, as opposed to how she puts forth herself in public, but in all seriousness, dont act like what you see from someone in hollywood is what you get…. cause its truly NOT. I doubt your that naive, because, i doubt ANYONE is that naive….

  • Blake

    No, I believe everyone is fake. No one is who they truly are; everyone has their flaws and setbacks. The key is, we show the world around us what THEY expect. What I don’t expect is someone to be themselves in public, the same way they would be themselves surrounded by people they know and are comfortable around. I do it, you do it, everyone does. So, for “some guy” with inside info on how “she” really is, well, is kinda pointless. Lets stick a camera in your house for week, then dissect every action and ridicule you relentlessly on the internet, sound fun? The thing is, I don’t view the world behind rose colored glasses, I know people act certain ways and different times. The difference between you and me is, I don’t slam people for their differences. If she’s a bitch on set, but super sweet to random stranger in Starbucks, I’m cool with that. If she couldn’t tell a joke to save her life and only regurgitates lines written for her, but throws a few bucks in a homeless mans cup, guess what, I’m cool with that. The whole reason behind Hollywood, the movies, the TV shows, is to entertain. She, the show, all that, entertains me and well as millions of others. What they do in their personal life, their quirks, flaws what have you, mean absolutely zero to me. Why do you think Chris Brown still sells records? Because his music entertains people.

  • Przyzbylewski

    The creator of this website is such a huge douche, i swear. 98% of the shit he writes completely lacks humor. It just comes across as mean-spirited, lame, and worst of all, not even creative. Kill yourself dude, I hate every single time I’m redirected here. At least be funny!

  • Grinny Guy

    @Phillip McCracken
    After careful consideration a conclusion has been reached that you are currently in an advanced stage of Type I douchebaggery. But in spite of this affliction, you managed to inform everyone that people in Hollywood aren’t always what they seem to be. You have therefore been nominated to receive the 2014 Captain Obvious Award. Good luck.

  • Tom

    Generally, I do not watch comedies (Sitcoms) but I find Big Bang to be hilarious, and Shelden and Penny are what makes it work.

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