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Maria Menounos Fit as Fuck Body of the Day

I am going to assume that these behind the scenes pictures of Maria Menounos are fully doctored…because we’ve got an archive of HER FAT GREEK ASS ON THE SITE an ass she probably prefers being called her vagina…because that’s how the greeks do it…it’s a historical thing that has transcended generations…anal…that thanks to girls growing up watching porn – has also been taken up by the average under 25 year old who thinks it’s a great place for a dude to cum because they can’t get pregnant…not that that has anything to do with Maria Menounos’ and her case of the mysterious ABS for some fitness mag…because whether she has ABS or not really doesn’t matter, what I am more interested in is talking about anal sex…no homo…and preferably with no shit left on my dick…but I guess I am also interested in looking at fit bodies…because everyone around me is so fat.

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