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Today’s Rihanna Smoking in a Bikini Pics of the Day

If you reach this site…you will know that a day is not a day without Rihanna bikini pics…that she posts to her instagram in her downtime

Her tour is over…and that people aren’t screaming her name every night which helps her self esteem..but rather she’s forced to take a month off, get back in studio, produce more generic shit radio stations will be paid to pollute our lives with, only to go on tour again so that people will scream her name again….

So her instagram, is the only way to get feedback, the only way to show her twat for the people who want it…I think this is day four of bikinis, just a bitch keeping herself relevant…

I am down with bikini pics, but the fact that she insists on posing with a blunt all the time, is bitch reaching….like a high school kid trying to show the internet how hard he is…it’s totally unnecessary and just a reminder how lame she is…I mean smoke weed, meth, crack whatever the fuck you want but to pose with it like you’re so gangster is pathetic…but I guess this is Rihanna we’re talking about, probably the worst human around, at least that’s what I am sure Chris Brown would tell us.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    If a cunt smokes, she pokes and this cunt definitely pokes.