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Ireland Baldwin’s in her Bra on Instagram of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is clearly an attention seeker who has been trying to establish herself as a model or actor or who the fuck knows…but we do know she’s trying to break free from her Parent’s shadow..that’s why she hustles her twitter and instagram hard…but in using twitter and instagram…these girls can’t figure out why other girls have all the followers before realizing…it’s all because of the butt shots…like Jenn Selter’s dad isn’t huge star Alec Baldwin…and her mom isn’t Kim Basigner…so why the fuck does she have 2 million followers, while this entitled twat doesn’t…it’s cuz she strategically whores herself out…and I guess that’s what Ireland Baldwin is realizing that she has to do and that’s get in a bra, now that she’s 18…it’s time….to get in a bra and pretend you are showing off your hair cut…

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  • cowbulls

    I would hate fuck her as a present to her asshole father but that’s all the interest I would have in her. I’d rather do her mother even today.

  • jmix

    She’s missing something..Her face is ”meh”needs a Ratajkowski type break thu