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Ashley Tisdale at Some Movie Premiere of the Day

People love Serial Duckface cuz it makes her nose job look better, Ashley Tisdale, which amazes me, because she’s not hot, or even relevant, despite what this red carpet event may make you think, hollywood is a lie, shitty movies happen all the time, buzz can get generated and girls like this, even without their new nose can confuse a nation into thinking she’s a babe…proving yet again that the general public are fucking idiots and just absorb everything they are told…TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS OF ASHLEY TISDALE on the red carpet you can CLICK HERE …but this Awkward Movie, named after everything Ashley Tisdale, one those should be straight to DVD numbers, that does get into theatres because the audience is getting dumber and dumber, had a bunch of other tweens at the event, like this one with the big tits named Addison Timlin, who I think prefers to go by her street name…TITS….

To see more of them CLICK HERE

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  • Anonymous

    Claiming Ashley isn’t beautiful, and anyone who thinks she is a ‘fucking idiot’ makes you sound more stupid than you can imagine.

  • Sean K

    The author of the articles on this site is such a complete loser fucking douchebag. There is nothing worse on the web in 2014 than a weak-ass internet tough guy talking shit. Get ahold of your fucking life, you dick.