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Emily Ratajkowski for Revolve Clothing of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski is starting to get over exposed…you know talked about too much, celebrated too much, up on some Kate Upton shit, but luckily for us, she’s not Kate Upton because Kate Upton is a fucking monster with a Muppet body…sent to confuse the world, but rather some interesting face, who is just trying to use her tits as a model to get more exposure to become an actor…something I am sure will happen, because this is her time to shine…and something I will fully support because I have a soft spot for this girl…she’s managed to do nude modelling in a way that other trashier girls have did Playboy in the 90s…you know to build a real career…and sure she doesn’t message me anymore or respond to my love letters…but that doesn’t mean the love on my end has or ever will die…these types of things are eternal…and here she is for some Clothing company…

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  • roscoe

    When will high waisted jeans and shorts finally go away? Not hot.