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Scarlett Johansson for Soda Stream Went Viral of the Day

I was a fan of Scarlett Johansson in 2004…It was her breakout year, when she booked 4-5 movies and was a real “it” girl…but after a year or two I realized she was just overrated, over paid, and all the men who loved her, were just idiot drones who would have liked any girl with big lips and big tits…I call it the Kate Upton effect…where basically you find a girl hotter than she is because everyone else likes her…even if you deep down in the depths of your soul…don’t really see it…since then, Scarlett Johansson, has consistently annoyed me with her average acting, and more importantly, with her getting hackers arrested for leaking her nude pics, instead of just being cool about it…considering we’ve made her who she is and we deserve to see her naked…and should rely on hackers to make that happen….

That said, she is in a Viral video for Soda Stream that Soda Stream puts huge budget into,that seemingly went viral for them, even though they paid for views, placements, etc, cuz they realized years ago that Coke and Pepsi owned the TV networks, and would never allow an independent competitor on the air, and they made it work for them…unfortunately this year they used Scarlett Johansson…and didn’t have her in a bikini…but they did have her simulate oral on a straw…

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  • Bebe

    Changing the world, one dead Palestinian child at a time.

  • she’s fucking ugly

    How did she get famous with that huge nose? oink oink