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Jessica Simpson Photoshopped for Jessica Simpson Brand of the DAy

Apparently Jessica Simpson in a bathing for her billion dollar Walmart brand is a big deal…everyone is talking about it…

I think isn’t big on so many levels…from the amount of hours that went into the photoshop retouching…to the actually weight of each of her tits…to her hip to waist ratio…that when out of shaping bathing suits and while standing next to young hot babes you realize just how big she is…

Not to mention, the fact that she heads a billion dollar brand…is as confusing to me…as the fact that I am trying to masturbate to these pics…I mean maybe because they don’t even look like Jessica Simpson anymore…

All I know is skinny is better.

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  • Billy Bob

    What a fat pig…lets see some pictures of her rolling around in the mud like real pigs do

  • yeah

    Where’s the updates spic?!