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Miley’s Latest Nipple of the Day

Oh So Scanadlous…and boring…

I like how W Magazine is milking this story like it was an impotent man’s prostate in a brothel..you know long and drawn out because it’s the only way the motherfucker can cum…it’s like put on picture out of her nipple everyday until people don’t care…even though people don’t care…because she’s over exposed and not the Miley of the past…but even as an over exposed, boring, not so hot, basic titty bitch…she’s still rich as fuck, successful, has a solid fan base and lives the good life and I’d totally K-fed her, not so much for the good life..but because even when looking like a little boy, she’s more womanly than most of the things I’ve stuck my dick into…not to mention…hanging with Billy Ray’s been a lifelong dream of mine…no way, I’d do it for the good life!

Oh – Apparently these nipples are for Vogue Germany – I can’t keep track…

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  • Psst. You owe Charlotte Kemp an apology for grouping her with this shithead. Charlotte is the one with the flower hair. 😉

  • Someone played with photoshop to put the tattoo on that one.

  • roscoe

    Great tits.

  • sailor

    Photoshopped. Look a the left shoulder line…

  • Rosarch

    Fuck this attention seeking whore that looks like a dude.

  • bosco

    She looks like fucking E.T.