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Sara Malakul Lane Excites Me of the Day

Her name is Sara Malakul Lane and she is the hottest thing pretty much ever, and I am not just calling her a thing because she’s half Thai, half white…I am not racist like that… I just feel the union of alien asian genes and human genes make for glorious creatures…like this Sara Malakul Lane

Her story is a typical one…you know what you’d expect to hear from any girl you meet in LA.. born and raised in Thailand, where she was famous on some TV shows and as a model and not for being a child tranny prostitute for British tourists, which is how I assume how her parents met…I mean why else would a white dude be in Thailand in the 80s…right? I mean why else would a white guy be in Thailand now?….

Either way, seeing as she was American, she decided to the states, to be closer to me, and to win my heart, as a lot of these girls do…at least in my imagination…which is all that counts…it’s real if I believe it…I think I’m pregnant….those tits…my god…can’t wait for her to shoot nude scenes…ideally in my mouth…but I’ll accept in movies….and photoshoots too…since she keeps refusing my requests for a date…

Well now I am in love…So here are some of her pics…Follow her on INSTAGRAM

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