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Sara Sampaio is Doing the Import Model Hustle of the Day

There is a spectrum from Instagram Model to Supermodel….which would be a good info graphic, but who has time for that bullshit, especially when we all know that Victoria’s Secret is pretty much the highest you can get on the charts as far as I am concerned because it may not pay the best, but it makes you a household name, that leads to booking all kinds of campaigns well into your 40s like you were Heidi Klum…on the lower end of the spectrum lives Import models…who do have a following and are somewhere around Video Vixen in hotness…yet still making some money to get half naked….

Now this Sara Sampaio chick, straight from Portugal, is already a Victoria’s Secret model, making moves while being hot, but it’s nice to see her role play as a low level model, making you think she’s accessible, in a car show boner thanks to bitches with cars bro….that isn’t as good as her role playing as a street hooker in your hotel suite…but it’s still worth posting when you got nothing better to do with your time…

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