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Rihanna’s Sturdy Legs and Bikini for Instagram of the Day

Rihanna can’t just sit still and enjoy her time off…she’s like one of her songs, just constantly pounding in my fucking face everywhere I go…and I’m not complaining because she’s a slut about it..not that posing in a bikini or topless is really slutty, but when you don’t really need to be doing it because you make 100,000,000 dollars a year, it’s gratuitous and because you like it…which I guess to me is the definition of slut…giving it out for free…but I’m not a hater, I love sluts…they make life more interesting than if everyone was just a hooker…and if more hookers would start working for free once they made it…the world would be a better place…it’s some philanthropy shit…

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  • roscoe

    Posting pics of herself without underwear on and/or smoking weed is her job.