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Kate Upton in Space of the Day

Kate Upton is Sports Illustrated prized pig from the county fair that is their business…she’s the golden egg…that makes them serious money…because average American Dudes, who read or at least buy the magazine, love her….

Sports Illustrated made her famous, and they’ve made her their cover girl year after year, and even this year, to avoid causing too much controversy using her again, even though they really wanted to…they gave her the “alternate cover”…or the “back cover”…because they know in terms of their magazine, she is the only thing that really matters.

I don’t need to sit here and hate on a company that has for the last 50 years found girls to pose in their bikinis, a lot of them top models, for free.

I don’t need to celebrate what they do either, or be inspired by it, or even think their choices in girls are amazing.

I don’t need to talk about Kate Upton’s weird sloppy body and tits and how she’s a product of serious doctoring to look semi appealing, so much that she’s practically an artist rendition of herself…

But I can’t help but laugh that they had to take her to zero gravity so that her tits don’t sag…

It’s like these Sports Illustrated people are pulling all the tricks they can to keep on using her despite her over-eating…and they have got resourceful or desperate enough to turn to space travel technology to make her look good…

I don’t hate, it’s a waste of energy…but I still find it funny..


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  • BIgBob

    Once again another I love DONGS article

  • Rosarch

    Getting to squeeze Kate Upton’s large, juicy awesome boobs, that dude is living the life.