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Walmart Shoplifter Shamed of the Day

I thought shopping at Walmart was shameful enough…

I mean when you’re got stealing from the fucking place, you are clearly one step away from killing yourself…

So I can’t imagine why anyone would want to give her a hard time, let her take the shit, her life is bad enough you heartless asshole, working for the man, instead of working for you fellow man…you should be ashamed of yourself…

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  • Yeah… because helping your fellow man steal cosmetic bullshit is a way to fight the man? She wasn’t stealing food or necessities, she was stealing un-needed cosmetic bullshit. The guy was an ass yes, but she isnt justified in her stealing because of it.

  • Travis

    She was stealing that shit so she could return it & get a gift card & sell the gift card for cash so she can buy pills or whatever.
    Walmart allows this shit to go on & they just write it off.
    Walmart is a huge part of the problem & it doesn’t care.