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Paris Hilton Erotica for Instagram of the Day

Paris Hilton is getting back into the internet slut groove….it’s like she’s in her mid-30s and instead of just starting a family with some billionaire she’s met along the way…she’s still pretending she’s 20 and filming sex tapes…only her sex tapes are half naked pics to instagram…instead of taking loads on her face…which is a real downgrade…as normally we evolve, and the older we get, the less we care about getting fucked on camera….you know producing a follow-up to her original movie…like a little pornstar since we’ve already seen it…and since she’s got a decade more experience at fucking all kinds of people…and what it comes down to is that I actually don’t hate Paris Hilton…she served her purpose in fucking up society and the youth…youth that is all in their 20s and super horny all the time…and without her I really think things would be different…far less herpes and teen pregnancies…and who really wants that…

She’s the Joan of Arc of our generation…and here is some shitty, especially compared to her history, self shot erotica…

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  • Matt

    This story calls her a SLUT or getting “slut groove” same message. I say good for her, God gave blessed her with Beauty and confidence. If she chooses to show artistic poses that do not show any of her intimate parts the I say CONGRATULATIONS Paris. Models do such poses in all types of ads why can’t you do so as well.

    If this was Kim Kardashian or Beyonce the media would be praising them.