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Emily Ratajkowski in S Moda of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski did S Moda, which is apparently a big deal for fashion models, something I wouldn’t consider Emily Ratajkowski, because she’s short, has a weird face and a rocking big titty body…but she’s still an it girl everyone is paying attention to, who is more importantly the girl who Kanye found and carted around to shows, while dating Kim Kardashian, as a little sex toy, who I guess he got into the Blurred lines video and made into who she is today, over hyped…which I guess is what you’d want when banging Kanye in the first place, I mean that or an “unwanted” pregnancy to pay the bills for the rest of your life, but she’s still young and making money. There’s a whole lot of gold digging and trapping dudes ahead of her..I can sense it.

All this to say, S-Moda forgot to show off her tits…the only thing that really matters about her.

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