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Pam Anderson Nude in Purple of the Day

Pam Anderson got naked for Purple magazine, which you’d probably find gross knowing she’s 90 or at least that her ravaged by dirty sex Liver is, but that for some reason seems less offensive since her tits are around 15.

If anything this shit, what you may have thought was hepatitis smelling geriatric porn, from one of the innovators in the celebrity having unprotected sex in sex tape to inspire the youth on how to get a reality show…is underage porn…

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  • cowbulls

    With the many guys who’ve lubed up the canal over the years, Pam should be a challenge to just hit a side. She’s just heard more men screaming “Oh God!” than most chicks.

  • Jesus. Who fucking cares.

    What PR rep did she hum on to get back in the news. She’s sad and blown out. Just age gracefully and be a Mom.

    Go the fuck away.

    Haven’t you embarrassed your children enough?

  • That being said, I’d totally bone her.