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Mckayla Maroney’a 12 Year Old Cleavage of the Day

She’s 18, so I guess posting her instagram cleavage isn’t that bad, even if she still looks 12….

I guess that 18th birthday is why no one talks about her anymore. You know the jailbait who went from Olympic medalist to actor…who will probably end up with a sex tape, at least baed on the selfies she’s taking…because selfish are the gateway to sex tapes.

It’s funny how pervert American men think, because they can’t fuck 16 year olds legally, like the rest of the world…they go crazy for even the dumpiest tween gone famous…and then forget about them just as they blow out the candles…you fucking creepers…whereas I’m allowed to fuck 16 year olds, and have no interest in fucking 16 year olds, cuz when I see them at Starbucks being annoying 16 year olds, I fucking hate them…I’m much more into 25 and over…totally broken…and with at least one drug addiction under their sad belt….

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  • Phillip McCracken

    i really want to see someone smack her fucking smug face. Like Milla Jovovitch or Courtney Love, or Natasha Lyonne or Busy Phillips… some crazy female like that

  • Cool Period Guy

    fuck…. bitch… fucking 16 year olds… fuck…. I got periods even though I’m a teenage boy….