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Nina Agdal in OP Campaign of the Day

I don’t find Nina Agdal hot…I mean sure she’s got a good body, but so many girls have good bodies, it’s the fucking 2010s, girls take care of themselves, I see that shit on Instagram, they all want to be Nina Agdal level of celebrity, even if this OP campaign is really the only thing Nina Agdal’s got paid for in a while…you see everyone thinks these models make millions, but they don’t, because so many other girls want to be them, so for years and years they work for free or for very little until becoming a name, like Nina Agdal that people hire because she’s got a fan base like you…

Meaning…she probably makes 250k a year, which is good for someone to walk around in a bikini once or twice a month, but not good enough to make her not groupie for people like Adam Levine, the worst human ever, who she wasn’t even good enough for, making her real bottom of the barrel trash, but here she is in some behind the scenes bullshit..

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