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Miley and Avril Lavigne Cat Fight for Instagram of the Day

Miley Cyrus is in Canada because she’s Justin Biber, and she decided to be so funny and silly, and cat fight Avril Lavigne over who is more famous, in a vine that should have been reserved to her twerking on a car, and not her trying to be comedic, because when the beautiful and articulate words with great cadence that you would assume was taught in finishing school “You dumb fucking bitch…” leave her mouth…it makes you want the cat fight to end in death…but more importantly….you want Avril to win…

If you don’t like that, here she is being Urban….that’s white for black.

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  • Travis

    Isn’t Avril like 30 or something?
    Damn I feel old…

  • Don

    Miley is such a lesbian. Everyone knows it but her.