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Justin Bieber Making Out With Some Babe at the Club in Montreal of the Day

This was emailed to me yesterday…it was taken by a girl who has ignored me on Facebook despite my sweet words of “Let’s sell a sex tape starring you”….and the story is that she made out with Bieber, or fucked Bieber when he was in Montreal partying at some club called Buena Notte that I am banned from.

I have no interest in Bieber’s sex life, or the fact that he has a big model fucking dick, or that he fucks random groupies…

I do find it funny that she makes reference to the fact that he made her sign a hush clause, as he does with all his girls, but she’s give no fucks and wants the world to know he had one night in Bieber, in public, but didn’t monetize it at all..

I don’t know if that’s Bieber, I can’t cross reference the shit, I just know it’s going around locally, and it’s my duty to show you the sluts that Bieber fucks…even if her account is private and I can’t really access all her amazing young french girl who probably has anal on the first encounter…

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  • magaly gendreau

    First you fucking stupid to post shit that isnt ebem true i never kissed Justin for fucked him its mot even me on thé picture wake the fuck up lol thé fact that i commented thé pic doesnt me its me the girl’s name is chloe lol