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Irina Shayk on the Beach with Kate Upton For Instagram of the Day

Irina Shayk is such a Famewhore…

She saw Kate Upton on the beach, and was like “Hey you’re a Sports Illustrated Covergirl…just like me…let’s pose together and fuck the internet up the ass”….and Kate Upton was like “Where’s the all you can eat buffet”…and Irina Shayk was like “I don’t know, I’m just a low level hooker who fucked an athlete to get to where I am”….and Kate Upton was like “Where’s the all you can eat buffet”…

At least she’s one of the hottest bitches in the game, despite all the plastic surgery that makes her look cheap….

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  • lollin

    Your best headline this year me thinks, cheers.

  • Travis

    Yes. I giggled uncontrollably while reading.

  • juanhunglow

    you have a lot of comedy gold…this hit platinum.