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Hailey Clauson for Beach Bunny of the Day

Young and busty Hailey Clauson must be a rich kid from LA. I’ve posted about her before, followed her on instagram, because that means we’re in love, probably a year ago, when she was still 17, because I saw her pics from her Wildfox Campaign and new I was in love enough to want to take her on magical adventures like it was a Disney movie…that she probably went to see in theatres on my 40th birthday because she was 12.

I also remember her suing the homie JASON LEE PARRY and Urban Outfitters because they used her humping a motorcycle when she was 16 in a campaign – even though her dad was on set whoring her out at 16 to Urban Outfitters – probably anticipating making more money on the back end after it was used….

That said, she’s interesting looking, has big tits, is tall and skinny, was willing to be a whore with remorse at 16, and is now doing free campaigns for Beach Bunny, GUess and a bunch of other people in efforts to be the next Kate Upton and the blogs are loving her…so I guess what’s to hate…she’s been at this since she was 14…help these titties shine the way her and her family and most importantly me… want them to…

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