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Scarlett Johansson Labia for Under the Skin of the Day

I think the movie under the skin was in reference to Scarlett Johansson’s labia hanging out of her…something I assume she’ll get fixed as soon as her baby rapes and destroys the rest of her pussy….

She’s naked, she’s on her quest to win an Oscar pre-Kid, we’ve all seen her naked thanks to the dude who hacked her computer and ended up in jail for 30 years because of it, one of those Jesus type Martyr’s who died for your sins, and by sins I mean, you desire to see nude selfies of Scarlett Johansson….that paved the way for nudes in movies…because even with shitty tits, that people love in bra because they don’t look like this, nudity isn’t a big deal…

I am not a Scarlett Johansson hater, I just know what’s going on here, and that is that an overrated “beauty” who is the same in every movie, is looking for that transformative role to get a nomination, because she’s decided to take time off to be a mom…and it’s getting done via nudity…and anything that involves nudity…is my friend…even when I hate it…

Searching for pixelated celebrity clit is more fun than searching for eggs on your easter egg hunt…especially if done at #church.


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  • Travis

    If she’d lose 20 lbs she’d be perfect.

    Now she’s pregnant.
    Oh well…

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would pay extra for pregnant. Suck those udders till the milk was flowing.

    Then break out the corn flakes!

  • Sinon

    “Scarlett Johansson’s labia hanging out of her…something I assume she’ll get fixed as soon as her baby rapes and destroys the rest of her pussy….”

    What the? Do you even realize what you are saying? Her labia “hanging out of her”?? That’s called female anatomy you douchebag! Sometimes the inner ones are bigger, sometimes the outer ones. Both is normal, both is OK and none of it need “fixing”.

    The reason I’m so mad about this topic is that because of statements like yours young ladies (and gents) get the idea that their (their partners) most private parts are “unnatural” and they will be laughed at or rejected and thus they get totally pointless surgeries that possibly mutilate them down there.
    I mean, if I told you, your slightly left-leaning dick is hilarous and needs some “fixing”, would you go to get it straightened?

    Telling people to do more sports or eat healthy is one thing. Driving them into surgery is a totally different level.

  • molly

    amen to you! that could easily be her clit also. it’s all normal, everyone is built differently.

  • homer

    So that means you don’t prefer your men to be circumcised?

  • derapas

    The notion that all veejays have to be tidy buns is crazy and in fact often those women with larger concealing labia majora often have just as much or more in their wallet as those with smaller labia majora that reveal the clitoris and labia minora and need something done.

    This notion of fix it is crazy..like when a woman has a clit that is too big. Really?? The only body part dedicated to fun and pleasure and somehow bigger is bad and not better?


    I LOVE BIG LABIA!!!!!!

    just for the record…i don’t think she is hairy or have big inner ones…

    She’s perfect for me!!!!!

  • SuprTung

    The lower those inner labia hang the better I like them. Most normal thing in the world.