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Ariana Grande is Shows her True Colors of the DAy

It’s always amazing when these Disney Starlets, who you know are total diva cunts with too much money, show their true colours..

Marketed as these sweet virginal flowers, by people like Scooter Braun, who is posing in this picture with her, who is the criminal mastermind who is barely 30, but who owns all these kids and gets 10 percent of all their earnings as they mastermind the youth market, like a bunch of perverts who know the complexity of seducing little kids into buying shitty product…you know paving the way for young idiots to be dumber and dumber each generation…

But really just the fucking devil…

It makes me laugh.

See HER at some WHITE PARTY Performing Slutty Enough…if you care… CLICK HERE

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  • cowbulls

    Those Disney bitches learn at an early age to just take whatever dick or multiple dicks that comes there way and satisfy it.