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Stripper Locker Room is the Best TUMBLR Ever of the Day

The single greatest thing happened to the internet…


It’s like some National Geographic, Discovery Channel exploration into the world behind the glitz and glam of working a gutter strip club…the Changing Room…

Surprisingly enough, I am not into strippers. I am more into talking about my feelings in Church group meetings, because breaking down Jesus people is more challenging than breaking down broken down sex workers, but I do go to the strippers every once in a while, and since I hang with actual pornstars, their ratchet low class, low grade pussy, sadness doesn’t appeal to me in a sexual way…I’ve gone too Hollywood…

But I guess ratchet, low class, low grade, sadness when coupled with getting half naked to pay their way, while walking around like they are fucking celebrities, is entertaining sometimes….like once a week….where they money grub, I call them out on it, they get mad, I try to convince them to do porn, they pretend they are too good for it, even though they offer to fuck you for 500 dollars at the end of the night….but I hate every second of it.

Either way, this is some sociological weirdness. Strippers are so bad…but so good…I mean I wish they could take better fucking Selfies, but maybe that’s part of why they are stripping for 10 dollars a song and not doing anything more substantial…I mean that and their average trashy looks…

I prefer the strippers who are ashamed of being strippers, and not out there taking selfies like their job is something awesome, because I like broken girls aware of being broken, ashamed of their choices, not owning it like they are headlining a music video…but it’s still amazing.

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  • mick

    Honestly, if that is the best lot of strippers about. No thanks

  • Adam

    I’m with Mick. That was horrible.

  • cowbulls

    Tat club couldn’t stay in business on a dessert island with a million men and no other women.