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Ashley Tisdale in a Bikini of the DAy

Ashley Tisdale was at one point labelled the hottest girl by MTV, because they were paid to do that…and it made me mad so I decided to explore her, track her plastic surgery, laugh at how botched it was and how shitty her face was after spending so much money trying to fix it, I think I even had a feature called the “Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch”…because I am mean spirited, get joy from being mean, but only to celebrity bitches who get paid well, get too much positive reinforcement and who have cunty egos because they aren’t down to earth, because if they were, they wouldn’t post their narcissitic shit all day…

But the good news is that in rejection that has come when all her friends outdid her, she’s figured out the key to get new fans, is to not show her face, but focus on her hot body, because throughout the whole thing, she’s always had a hot body, and hot body carries more importance than a face, so in hating one thing, I love another, I am a balanced hater… even if her fan base confuses me…with their passion…

Here’s her hot selfie you can masturbate to..

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  • Travis

    Ahh, the Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch.
    Those were the days…

  • Bron

    Why the Tisdale Ugly Watch stopped, there’s still a lot to do!