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Lady Gaga Nude in V Magazine of the Day

These outtakes from an old Lady Gaga naked pictures for V Magazine…shot by Mario Testino…which were pretty high concept enough because she’s naked…enough to stare at…

I am posting these partially because I hate you and feel like you should be punished with a Lady Gaga MERKIN big enough to cover his balls…but I am also posting it to remind girls that sometimes getting naked, whether it’s for fashion or as a cry of attention, doesn’t get you fans, but can get people to look at you..

Lady Gaga is at the stage in her career where she could shit out a newborn baby she stole from one of her gardeners while sucking on a Elephant penis, and crying…as a midget punches her in the uterus…and no one would fucking notice..

She’s played out, but I’ll still look at her…


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  • Special horn for lady Gaga!