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Cailin Russo for Sir Neave of the Day

Cailin Russo is the daughter of Scott Russo who is in a band called Unwritten Law. It is safe to say that her mom was probably a young punk rock groupie, because punk rock dudes only bang 15 year old girls, since they are the only ones who care about them, not that Unwritten Law was really punk rock, but they were more punk rock than Bieber….Bieber…being the guy she was cast to make out with in a music video – that pretty much made her go viral..

I am on the fence as to whether she’s just a privileged instagram model, or if she’s legitimately a babe…with something to offer…but…when looking at her ass, I don’t seem to care either way…

I just think she’s not quite hot enough to be a real model, yet she’s getting paid as a real model, so what the fuck do I know..

These pics are from instagram photographer SIR NEAVE

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