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Emily DiDonato Behind the Scenes Nipple of the Day

When I see this Emily DiDonato behind the scenes video at an Armani perfume shoot, I don’t see a hot model showing off some nipples for money, I just see RED, and by red I mean I see Jake Gyllenhaal’s unwanted pussy, because he tainted her with his seed, even though he’s a fucking pussy who you’d think is more into making people watch him stick things in his bratty ass…You see, he doesn’t need some implant tit model who isn’t even that hot, because he’s famous and there are so many other girls willing to leverage his status to help her career…at least that’s what this video of her is telling me…

You see, he’s a loser, a horrible person, a fucking brat with an industry dad, and any girl into that, is clearly only into him for his name, status and money…

So this Emily chick is just a low grade groupie, who couldn’t even lock him down with pregnancy…but I guess dating him helped her increase her day rate..

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