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Pretty Little Liars Do GQ Magazine of the Day

We’ve all seen this shoot 100 times before with different people involved…and you know what…it never gets boring..

This time it is starring the slutty girls of Pretty Little Liars, who are all hugely popular, getting down like they are on a Terry Shoot, that may or may not be a Terry Shoot, because everyone takes pics like this now…it’s the hipster porno way…

I’ve never see the show, but I’ve heard it is helping condition girls to get teenage pregnancy and Herpes…and I am all for that..

The girls are Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, bikini with water gun and inflatable and is a good enough times…compared to what I am doing with myself…which is something that would probably scare most people..

Here are the pics…

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  • Echo

    The other one (and IMHO the hottest one) is Troian Bellisario – the daquiri shot and the red bikini in the group shot. Plus, her father brought us Airwolf, so there’s that.