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Kendall Jenner Does a Stripper Dance of the Day

When I see this video of a bratty Kendall Jenner at 18, doing some stripper type dance, that is hardly reserved for the stripclub anymore, but that is everywhere 18 year old girls who grew on on shitty pop music video in this porno filled world…

The pornification of society hits a little closer to home for this delusional teen who lives a very insane spoiled brat life, that she can thank porno for making happen, because she’s not just like every other 18 year old who has been watching porn on the internet since they were 5, she’s actually profited directly from porno THAT HER FAT WHORE SISTER STARRED IN TO LAUNCH THE FAMILY BUSINESS ….

So this little stripper dance, one very similar to one Lohan did in her Hotel Room for me many years ago, is just a dance move in leather pants…reminding us that what was once considered porn or sleaze in past, is now considered…normal…or the reason our family makes 100 million dollars a year…now if only Porn girls figured out how to do the same thing…hollywood would turn to producing nothing buy porn…Disney Porn, Blockbuster Porn….it’s going to happen…and while we wait here’s Kendall showing some of what her mom taught her as a child to get men to pay attention….

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Did you forget that during like the 1st few episodes of that kardashian show when she was like 11 she was working the stripper pole as well as Paris was working Rick Solomons cock in One night in? And no one in their family did anythig to get her to stop other than Bruce Jenner? She was born to be a dirty fucking whole, she was bred to be a dirty fucking whole, and thats what she will always be

  • Jadarius Green


  • Karla

    I agree I’m afraid there is not much hope for the younger girls. Kylie will probably end up like Kourtney always last and always trying the hardest.

  • Rosarch

    She is a whore doing what a whore is supposed to do. Now the biggest super slut to come is Kylie. Whoa Nelly, she is going to be bad.