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Madison Murray Hot Photoshoot of the Day

I have a friend in Florida who is obsessed with Madison Murray .

She’s a model and actress out of Miami, who I have POSTED MANY TIMES BEFORE and all he ever does is talk about her, he leave comments on her instagram, tells me how badly he wants to meet her, and even tries to track her down when I am with him…

It all started when he saw her on TMZ in the Bieber car…and now he is convinced he is going to marry her, and she is going to have his babies, we’ve gone to South Beach at least 4 times looking for her walking the streets like she’s a missing person…

The whole thing is very weird…may end in a law suit, I just hope I am not implicated in the whole thing as an accomplice..

Here are pictures of her in a bikini to give him something to masturbate to…even though I know he’s probably already masturbated to them at least once already…because that’s just the kind of obsessed fan he is.

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