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Madison Beer at a Breast Cancer Event of the Day

Madison Beer Bra Top

Madison Beer is some stage parented girl who is barely famous – but possibly signed to Beiber’s record label – because Beiber likes hot young girls to either monetize or fuck like they were Selena Gomez before she went for the big black more popular cock in her quest to be relevant – calculated little child star…

Madison Beer is best known for posting racy enough content to social media for the perverts..

She’s at some Breast Cancer event supporting Breast cancer by showing off her tits to make anyone who has survived breast cancer and lost their tits jealous of her tits…

In a “look at that inappropriately dressed young girl”….to which we say “she’s empowered and can dress however she wants she’s a woman and it is her right”….to which I say “But why show off your tits when showing support to women who cut off their tits”….it’s like going to a blind person and bragging about how good you can see..or going to a AIDS walk and showing dudes all the unprotected anal sex you have because you got into unprotected Anal sex after they found a pill to prevent AIDS…or going to an amputee / wheel chair / paralyzed event and showing off your dance moves…it’s in bad taste…but young tits are alright even in bad taste..right..


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Madison Murray Hot Photoshoot of the Day

I have a friend in Florida who is obsessed with Madison Murray .

She’s a model and actress out of Miami, who I have POSTED MANY TIMES BEFORE and all he ever does is talk about her, he leave comments on her instagram, tells me how badly he wants to meet her, and even tries to track her down when I am with him…

It all started when he saw her on TMZ in the Bieber car…and now he is convinced he is going to marry her, and she is going to have his babies, we’ve gone to South Beach at least 4 times looking for her walking the streets like she’s a missing person…

The whole thing is very weird…may end in a law suit, I just hope I am not implicated in the whole thing as an accomplice..

Here are pictures of her in a bikini to give him something to masturbate to…even though I know he’s probably already masturbated to them at least once already…because that’s just the kind of obsessed fan he is.

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Madison Murray is Hot on the Beach of the Day

My childhood friend, who I have met once, but feel a real connection with, MADISON MURRAY …is blowing up the internet with these pictures stripping out of her shirt on the beach today…and I understand why…she looks fucking awesome…

The pics were shot by THE HEAD HUNTR , who should have invited me on this shoot, considering I am in Florida, because I take hiding her nipples, with some implied nudity, while leaving her shorts on…to full spread eagle with objects inserted in her butt…objects like my tongue….all it takes is a little charisma…and sleeping pills.

This should be a sex tape…

The bad news is that she has probably washed this shorts since the shoot, so I can never sniff them. The good news….is that they happened…

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Madison Murray Erotica of the Day

Florida model and internet celebrity or more importantly internet crush who I write dirty things to and who ignores me even after I hitched a ride to Florida to stalk her…because I guess she doesn’t grasp love and passion or maybe she’s just not into masked obese men who don’t shower but who rock soiled sweat pants harder than a homeless man…Madison Murray had these amazing pics taken of her shot by The Head Huntr or as I like to call him…the enemy who gets my girlfriend who doesn’t know she’s my girlfriend half naked….but I’m glad he does because she doesn’t answer my calls…or screams outside her apartment…but she should…love can only be ignored so long before it gets confused for being creepy…

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Madison Murray Modeling Side Tit of the Day

I follow this MADISON MURRAY babe on instagram and figure she’s cute, and fun, and friendly, and fucks around with TMZ by driving Bieber’s car he was arrested in …all with a smile on her face like she knows her prank is good…and I think that kind of fun, easy going attitude…makes for a fun easy going life…and I’m into supporting that…

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Madison Murray’s Doing Her Selfies of the Day

Her name is Madison Murray and she seems like a lot of fun…

I’ve been following her for a few months, she is entertaining, she does silly things, like get on TMZ for driving the Bieber car he got arrested in, and girls who put themselves out there and don’t give a fuck, are a little more interesting than insecure bitches who are all uppity and scared to let loose…

I saw these selfies leaked to the internet and I had to post them…because selfies are hot as fuck…I feel like I’m hiding in her closet watching her…and I like that…a lot…

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Madison Murray is the Babe of the Day

I generally don’t like sharing internet babes I follow on the internet with you…even though I know you don’t have what it takes to steal them from me because you are weird…and they aren’t mine to begin with…but the fact is that as much as I don’t like sharing girls with friends, or losers who read my website because they have nothing better to do with their time, hence why they are losers…most of the girls I actually have sex with who aren’t my wife…usually have had dozens of men before me…that day alone…so I shouldn’t be such a hoarder…but instead I should celebrate her photoshoots as if for what they are…something glorious for us all to share…

Her name is Madison Murray …she’s from Florida…and I’d let her eat bath salts then eat me under the freeway…even if I’d rather eat her…you like what I did there right??

Either way, I found these pics of her by some dude named Dion Burton…and I like…


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Madison Murray Posing with the Bieber Car of the Day

Florida based model Madison Murray …who I follow on Instagram and love because she always brings the funny, did some Guerrilla Style, Gonzo, Sneaky modelling by visiting the the rental car company LouLaVie that Bieber got his DUI car from before getting his DUI…and she did a little sneaky photoshoot with the same car Bieber got arrested in…all for jokes and that kind of guerrilla Modelling is the future…amazing…

That said, I wonder if she sniffed the seats to see if she could still smell Bieber’s vagina on them…I know I would have…because he’s all the fucking rage, I think CNN covered his Toronto arrest and the fact he may lose his work Visa a total of 4 hours the last 24 hours…because no real world issues are happening…ridiculous…which is almost as bad as the Georgia snowstorm crisis coverage….when really all we should focus on is this babe on the Bieber car…because that’s the best this Bieber story has to offer, unless of course he loses his work visa and is stuck in Canada…which would make all of you very happy.

FOLLOW Madison Murray on INSTAGRAM cuz she’s Awesome….

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Madison Murray Hot Modelling of the Day

Madison Murray is a 23 year old Miami based model who is taking over the internet one picture at a time….

I don’t know where this shoot is from, but I found it on the internet….because I like models that are at this level in their career, accessible, sweet, eager and not tainted by Leonardo DiCaprio or Adam Levine’s dick…I’ve been following her instagram for a while and YOU SHOULD TOO …I mean if you like babes who take and post hot pics of themselves…which you should…

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Madison Murray Wishes You a Happy New Year of the Day

My friends over at THEHEADHUNTR shot these pics of up and coming model and actress Madison Murray who I follow on Instagram because she looks pretty good in her bikinis…bringing the New Years Cheer…

Since it is New Years….a generally miserable time of broken dreams and high hopes and that’s just for tonight’s festivities….

Stresses of where you will be when the clock strikes midnight, knowing that wherever it is, it’ll be a disappointment….probably trying to hail a cab or rushing or something equally annoying…

A day where you you lose site of what is important, the simple things that matter, like a babe half naked in pictures…dressed up specifically for the last possible holiday of the year…so thanks Madison Murray for grounding us and giving us what we all need….

Happy fucking new year…

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