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Jessica Simpson in a Bathing Suit for Instagram of the Day

The key to not looking so fat – is making your shoulders look massive…

This reminds me of so many 50 year old waitresses I’ve met at various diners across america, really skinny, strong legs, with a barrel belly and big shoulders and arms…making for a weird boxy beer drinking body, that is built from all the running back and forth to and from the kitchen carrying heavy trays of food….

It’s not attractive, just middle aged and white trash, which I guess Jessica Simpson is despite being rich as fuck for being a fashion icon, and pop star ….

I mean if it wasn’t for her creepy, gay, stage dad who had dreams of being a showgirl as a little boy, dreams he channeled into his eldest prized hen, the only real reason he’d ever stick a dick in a vagina…that worked…she’d probably be working a diner too..

All this to say, weight watchers contract made this happen, otherwise she’d be 300 pounds, and now she looks like all the women I try to bang in Florida…which I am going to go find right now

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Did Joe Simpson comment how nice his daughters body and tits look?

  • LolleyGagger

    She looks like she gonna implode from sucking it in. Bet she could give one helluva blowjob now.
    Suck your cock right into her napalm pussy.
    Hey no matter at least she didn’t lose the big guns up top.

  • roscoe

    Looks like old Jess Simpleton is on the pills and enema diet.