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Kendall Jenner Wrote a Book of the Day

The biggest joke in these pics is that the Jenner sister, Junior Kim even though she’s not tainted by Armenian or OJ Simpson Genes like the other kids the hooker mother produced and monetized, is that she’s promoting a book that she claims to have wrote…

I mean we’re talking an actual fucking book deal that she’s figure heading, whether wearing a Blazer with no bra like this was a 90s fashion shoot or not…

I don’t hate her her for being a slut from the Valley who learned how to fuck watching her sister fuck…and had been fucking since she was 12….and I don’t hate the industry for using them to sell books when the state of publishing books is in a weird dying industry since people don’t read anymore….I think the whole thing is great…ridiculous…and the fall of society…but great none the less.

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  • syvyn11

    The only book I want to read from Ms. Jenner is how she is going to suck my dick.

  • PrincessTinyMeat

    She claims to have wrote?

  • matti


  • thiswebsiteisajoke

    A person writes ‘to have wrote’ then suggests this girl can’t write.

    This website is a joke