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Candice Swanepoel is an Instgram Fitness Model of the Day

I guess Candice Swanepoel has figured out that Instagram is designed to make models you would otherwise only know for the A-List guys they have sex with and their lingerie modelling work, to have a platform to showcase their fabulous, luxurious, celebrity life…I mean that and fitness pornography….

So she’s jumped on the Izabel Goulart bandwagon and started humping the air in fitness apparel, because her handers at Victoria’s Secret fitness realize “If we own the bitch, created the bitch, let’s use the bitch’s instagram to sell our product of her in selfie videos”…because you know if it was up to Candice, she’d probably be kicking’ it not on instagram…unless of course she’s an egotistical, narcissist who believes she belongs in front of the camera to share her beauty with the world…and I have a feeling that’s exactly what she does….

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