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Kirsten Dunst in a Bathing Suit for L’Oreal of the Day

Here is Kirsten Dunst, not looking anything like Kirsten Dunst for L’Oreal, the make-up company that takes your face and turns into the face of another person…

She must be pushing 40 by now, and I find the showered version of her very dull.

I was into the medicated, suffering from success, rich and famous version that looked homeless as she was self destructing in her perpetually, broken girl who had everything, feeling sorry for herself narcissist that all actors are…

There was a time I appreciated, maybe even masturbated to her big tits on small frame…it was probably in the 90s…and maybe there’s hope for her still, as long as she walks through life with a giant filter over her ….

Either way…I’m not against this pic.

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  • Straybullet

    That looks nothing like Kirsten Dunst. I thought you were playing a joke on us. I’ve seen her naked in movies and her body is not shaped like that.

  • kat

    pushing 40… you mean 31/32?