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Jessica Simpson in Car Erotica of the Day

Jessica Simpson was trying to avoid the paparazzi the other day, so she decided to take advantage of the erotic pose of her in dress with her tits busting out, and pose for her husband and baby daddy, we like to call “Lottery Winner”…

I guess a slimmed down Jessica Simpson is still hot enough to look at when busting out of her dress, if you can see past the fact that her dumb as shit brain you all laughed at is worth over a billion dollars thanks to middle of the road fashions at K-Mart…making her smarter than any of you…which is something that people have killed themselves for less depressing and disappointing facts….

In fascinating “Simpson” news…Ashlee Simpson has no ass

…which is convenient because it mateches her career. Life in the shadow of her half retard sister..To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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