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Selena Gomez in a Pink Bikini Top of the Day

The rumor is that Selena Gomez is getting fucked by Bieber again. I like to think it’s more got to do with her having a tour to promote. It’s always good to keep people talking and wondering about your life because it means you’re still relevant…I mean I am not even sure these two ever fucked, Bieber’s been off fucking groupies and pornstars since he was 11, and Selena, well, she’s probably up to the same thing because kids these days grew up on porn and are all fucking freaks…which I endorse fully…I just assume it’s always been good for both their business…

That said, I don’t give a fuck who or what Selena Gomez is fucking, I just like when her bloated from LUPUS steroid treatment that makes her look like a chipmunk face, is busting out of her bikini top…because I am a grown ass man, why the fuck else would I even acknowledge Selena Gomez exists…cuz of her music, or cuz I’m a fan of her acting…shut the fuck up….look at her bikini top.

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