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Izabel Goulart’s Skipping in a Bikini Video of the Day

Izabel Goulart took to instagram to promote fitness by skipping in a bikini, which is something you don’t always see at the gym, because most girls don’t work out in a bikini, but this one’s a bikini model so it makes it ok…

I guess it’s nice to see her fat legs jiggle, you know to give gat girls everywhere a little hope that even Izabel Goulart’s gotta work for it – in her permanent vacation life…the struggle is real…

Unless that’s not fat legs at all, but rather fit as fuck legs that just look like that when they skip naked, I wouldn’t know, I never got into a skipping fetish, that’s for pedo’s in the park, but I guess thanks to hard bodied Goulart, I have now…..

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  • Jay

    She looks like she jumps rope for 8 hours a day. Seems like a waste of time to me.