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Cameron Diaz Has No Nipples in Esquire of the Day

Cameron Diaz is in the August issue of Esquire, I’m not sure if these pictures of her are new, or recycled for some obscure market that licenses the Esquire name and pictures…I just know they happened…and I am not about to go through the History of Cameron Diaz to find out…because unlike Cameron Diaz, I firmly realize she’s around 40 and too old for this half naked modelling shit, too bad she had her uterus removed ,probably when she got her nipples removed, to not have kids get in the way of her egotistical life, because it seems like despite being rich as fuck from shitty acting work, she’s got nothin’ left….

Either way, she’s the worst.

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  • Mancuso

    They were absorbed by the Aniston. The Aniston rules the nippleverse with an iron fist and an even ironest nipple.