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Britney Spears Without Autotune of the Day

There is nothing like a little unedited Britney Spears vocal track over her song “Alien”…that she went into record, because she’s not Milli Vanilli people, she does her own vocal track, just not very well..

I can’t imagine the world being shocked that she can’t sing, I mean she hasn’t done anything to prove otherwise in her 150 million records sold….all she’s ever proved is that the music industry is a scam, that anyone can be altered to sound good, and that it’s all marketing the puppet they use to deliver it…

I mean, I Britney isn’t even her own person, she is corporately owned – money making machine…I just find the whole thing sad, because you know she didn’t say “I can sing”…but rather her stage mom beat her into singing because look what she became…a soulless shell of a human…

But her bank account is as fat as her belly due to emotional eating…


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  • Joe

    Same old bullshit, most these “artists” are 100% fake manufactored and all do it.
    Even live a protools rig (computer) will send a timing and cue track to the drummer’s in ear monitors to keep all the teleprompters & fakeness in sync to avoid a mistake.
    The only thing live is the “shouts” and talking to the audience in between songs. (and if you listen carefully thats where you can tell)
    The producer in this story is also full of shit, what you hear is a scrap “guide track” that will be given to a professional singer to create what called “a template” This template is then given to the “artists” vocal coach, after weeks of pratice the “artist” goes line by line as best she can in the studio. Both the produce and engineer then doctor up all the bad notes (pitch) on the computer (usually Pro-Tools)
    This same vocal track (or takes of it) provide the vocal guides in concert live

    The corperate theves passing off these CDs and “concert” tickets should be charged with fraud, fined and forced to return all those young kids money.

  • Nano


    Love your posts, just wanted to let you know that when you’re recording a track with autotune vocals, you HAVE to sing out of tune to get the whole purpose of the effect to do its part. Otherwise you wouldn’t get that weird sounding T-Pain effect. She can’t sing for shit anyways though! Cheers